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Getting arrested with a Seattle DUI is a paralyzing experience. At first, it can seem like a bad dream from which you can’t wake up. Once the reality of the situation sinks in, most people simply want to put the whole humiliating experience behind them and move forward with their life.

Still, a DUI charge is a formidable obstacle to overcome, so it’s important to have knowledgable and aggressive Seattle DUI attorneys to assist you along the way. With over thirty years of legal experience, our Seattle DUI lawyers understand the complexities of Washington State DUI law, and will make sure your rights are being protected.

Our Seattle DUI lawyers know what you are going through.When people are charged with a DUI, they commonly let their imagination get the better of them. They often conjure up the worst case scenario in their mind, which only fuels their anxiety. While the DUI penalties involved can be severe, our qualified Seattle DUI lawyers will work to minimize adverse effects and help you get your life back on track. Moving forward only requires that you contact our Seattle DUI lawyers, explain the details of your case, and ask us any questions that are nagging you.

Our Washington DUI attorneys will explain the DUI legal process in detail, outline the potential options that exist, and go over any consequences and punishment you might face. Our Seattle DUI attorneys enter into every case believing that the charges can on some level, in fact, be attacked, depending upon the officer reports. Best of all, you will immediately realize that knowing the facts is a lot better than worrying about the possibilities.

Our Seattle DUI attorneys will be with you every step of the way.

Our Washington DUI lawyers have over 30 years of combined legal experience handling difficult and complex drunk driving cases and can help.A variety of circumstances can cause a person to get a DUI in Seattle, but the circumstances surrounding the arrest are often the same. You are forced to perform a series of roadside tests with no discernible way of knowing if your actions are being accurately assessed. Then you’re handcuffed and taken away to be processed into the system. Often, people arrested for DUI in Seattle have to spend a night in jail, or come up with money to be bailed out.

Dealing with the repercussions of what comes after the initial embarrassment of a DUI arrest is often the hardest part of the whole ordeal. Most people wonder how a DUI will affect their family, their job, their driving privileges, and their future - all of which are legitimate concerns. Indeed, the ramifications of a DUI charge are far-reaching, and can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life.

It’s important to keep in mind that this incident does not make a criminal out of you, but rather, you made a mistake. There is no good reason you should give up and not do everything in your power to make sure your rights are legally being protected.

Our Washhington DUI lawyers can help you with the following:

Fighting a WA drink driving charge is always in your best interest.

Why is fighting a WA drink driving charge in your best interest? Because if you don’t, you will most likely be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Our Seattle DUI lawyers know that you need more than just someone willing to fight back; you need help dealing with all of the variables that inevitably arise from a DUI charge. Our Washington drunk driving lawyers will be with you every step of the way, as personal advocates for your character, so you can move forward with your life.

A free consultation with a Seattle DUI lawyer is the first step.

Building an aggressive defense takes experience, hard work, and most importantly, time. While the whole experience of getting a DUI in Seattle might be crippling, you should decide now not to waste any more time and take that first step toward resolving your case.

The stress relief that comes from knowing you are taking positive action doesn't cost you even a penny. You can contact our Seattle DUI lawyers today for a case evaluation at no cost and get the answers you desperately need. This is a risk-free way for you to come to an informed choice about your WA drunk driving case. We will not only help you understand your options, we will take the time to explain developing a DUI strategy of defense that will give you the greatest chance for success.

Washington DUI laws in fact are unforgiving, and the penalties are severe. In the case of this being your first DUI offense, a conviction means you will face expensive fines, jail time, and a suspension of your llicense. If you’ve had more than one DUI, then you are threatened with harsher penalties that can have a devastating effect on your personal life.

WA State DWI/DUI laws require that you act immediately.One thing is certain; you must address your DUI charge head-on. All DUI cases are time sensitive, and if you ignore the situation it is only going to get worse. Contacting one of our Seattle DUI attorneys today ensures that you are addressing the issue in a timely manner. We will work to prevent jail time and keep you legally licensed in Washington. We will use our knowledge and skill to your benefit, and develop a creative and assertive defense strategy to ensure the penalties assessed in your case are kept to a minimum.

Our Seattle DUI lawyers are qualified professionals.

Why consider having one of our Seattle DUI attorneys represent you? To start with, we have more than thirty years of legal experience handling complicated Washington State DUI laws. We have built a reputation as a dedicated and tenacious team of hard-working professionals, and have an intricate knowledge of the Washington court system.

Every client is important to our Seattle DUI lawyers, and no case is too large or too small. We treat everyone with the respect and courtesy they deserve, making sure that their legal rights are being vigorously defended. We are here to help you. We understand the severity of every DUI case, and how important it is to everything legally possible to minimize the adversity a conviction can cause.

Our Seattle DUI attorneys will not judge you.

We know from experience that hard-working, honest, family-oriented people get charged with DUI in Seattle every single day. What we promise to do is help you deal with the obstacles you face every step of the way, and aggressively fight to keep you from getting trampled under the State’s unrelenting legal mechanism. Being represented by one of our Seattle DUI lawyers also makes good financial sense. We will work to minimize any fines associated with your DUI case, and we offer low flat fees and flexible payment plans.

Your initial consultation is free, so you can make your own informed choice on whether our team of Seattle DUI attorneys is right for you. If you choose to retain our legal professionals, we will be there next to you for your first court appearance.

WA State DWI/DUI laws require that you act immediately.

Resolution of your DUI case – the final step.

Once we get started on your case, you may be surprised just how quickly things progress forward from there. You may be worried about your future, but when it’s over you will be satisfied knowing that you did everything in your power to resolve your case. Most importantly, one of our Seattle DUI lawyers will be hold your hand throughout this difficult process.

We will use our experience to your benefit, doing our best to reduce the consequences your DUI may incur and the adverse affects it can have on your life. We will aggressively fight the charges against you and make sure you are being served by the law.

Contact us and have receive your first consultation at no cost. The initial step might be the hardest, but we will be there when you take the last step in this chapter of your life and move on to the next.

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